Reasons Why Your Garage Door Does Not Shut Properly

Garage Door Spring Repair Tips on What to Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close Properly

Safety Sensors
When your garage door goes up, but still does not go all the way back down, the garage door spring repair may be as simple as replacing the old spring with new ones. Sometimes it is not as simple as this. You might have to adjust the sensors too. There is one on either side of your garage door; they come with lights, and both lights must be on. Should one be off or blinking, then it means that the invisible beam which tells the opener the way is clear for the door to close has been knocked out of line. You can realign it by loosening the knob or by pushing against the metal bracket that houses it. When the light is back on again and remains on, then your garage door opener should be back to operating normally.

Sensor Misalignments
If you frequently leave your garage door open, there are various things such as dust, water, and even pollen which can blow in and settle on the sensors. Which is why cleaning your sensor lenses on a regular basis will stop this from becoming a problem. Another issue which often arises, more so when your garage door is heavy, is the vibrations the door makes when moving on its tracks can throw off the sensors. If this happens, you may have to brace them to stop the vibrations; so it will not hurt to re-tighten the sensor adjustment screws some more too.

Door Adjustment
When your garage door is closed, the weatherstripping on the bottom of the door must make contact with the ground. When your garage door does not come down that far, you should be able to adjust the automatic opener until it closes properly. Within the casing of the opener, you will see 2 adjustment knobs. One is to control how far the door will close, and the other one will control how far it opens.

Adjust this to lower the door back to the floor, however, remember do not adjust it too much, or your garage door will end up pushed against the top track. When this happens it will start to bend the track, which in turn can result in excessive wear on the opener.

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