The Basics of Garage Door Repairs

What Homeowner’s Need to Know When It Comes to Garage Door Repair

Several of the clients of A Veteran's Garage Door Services have asked us if there are any basic garage door repair jobs that they can do. So we decided to knock out this simple post on just that.

When working on repairs on an automatic garage door opener, make sure you first check all the door hardware issues. Then, inspect the angle of the opener and confirm it is at the optimal angle for operation. Adjust as needed to ensure a clear signal path. Inspect the power cord to determine it is not frayed or damaged in any way.

Some repairs can only be performed by a professional, and there are 2 parts of a garage door that may often need repair, which is the opener and the garage door itself. Both are relatively easy to repair with time, patience, and a little effort. However, before you attempt any repairs, make sure that you observe all safety precautions first, and only start the repair when there is sufficient daylight.

To determine where the problem lies, you will need to perform a few basic tests. If the door is easily opened manually, however, it is difficult to move or you hear a grinding sound, the problem is often the actual door. But, when this proves not to be the case, you may be dealing with a faulty opener.

Overhead garage doors operate under spring tension. The door is placed on metal tracks which are usually attached to the garage walls, and a heavy spring is what creates the power to move it via tension.

Make sure you check the metal tracks. Tighten any mounting brackets which are loose, and then close the door and look at the tracks to see if you can notice any visible breaks, dents or other such marks. When you do find any, that section of metal track will need to be removed and replaced entirely, or you could try to flatten it out with a hammer.

If none of the above garage door repair tips proved useful, then the time has come to call us at (219) 895-0746, we serve the Crown Point, IN and surrounding areas.

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